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All You Need to Know About Sugar Addiction

Though sugar is widely used out there, hardly do people know that it is also addictive. Similarly, it is evident that sugar is very sweet and it makes everyone happy. This is why it is said that nature has its uncommon method for compensating its occupants whenever they become thankful to it by doing something upgrades its welfare. This is also the reason nature has numerous natural sweet things such as the stunning sunlight and various forms of natural love that keeps one’s heart lively. On the other side, the genetic makeup of human body hasn’t accustomed fully with the modern lifestyle where foods are made in a way that one can consume as much as possible. It is unlike the traditional days where it was rare for meats and carbohydrates to be available. Fruits were not that sweet, it was rare for one to come across starchy tubers and even the grains were rare. This is why upon tasting something sweet, one’s brain will experience dopamine surge, and you tend to like sweet foods more and more. Nowadays there are numerous reasons that have led to sugar addiction which in this case include the modern lifestyle which keeps on triggering dopamine surges as well as the availability of sugary foods.

It is likewise great to know the explanation for the sugar addiction. To start with, when one’s mind is much of the time surged with dopamine, the neurons that receive dopamine will in generally become resistant with time. This tells you that the more resistant these neurons are, the more level of stimulation is needed and this means more sugar consumption so as to reach the required stimulation. When the brain feels the effects of the withdrawal of dopamine, one tends to be very moody, and a great sense of irritability is also felt. At the same time, withdrawal leads to cravings and may even binge so as to get a better feeling though in the short term.

The bad news however to sugar consumers is, they are equals of cocaine users as well because they lead to cravings and have the same withdrawal symptoms and effects. In fact, “addiction triads” of sugar can be worse than those of cocaine. To clarify this being sugar tolerant simply means for someone who is addicted to sugar, he or she will require more sugar in order to get comparable pleasure, and one will need to continue increasing the amount of sugar consumed. Besides this, sugar addiction can harm mental health and also makes the brain vulnerable to various addictions.
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