Floating floors

Floating floors are nowadays a great phenomenon. It is not surprising, it is a very high quality and affordable floor covering. Whether it chooses a floing floor made of wood or laminate, we can expect a very high quality surface.
This roofing material has a huge number of advantages, but also some disadvantages. There must be a gap of approx. 10mm between the wall and the floating floor due to the expansion of the material and the floating floor must not be soaked.
Laying a floating floor is really easy compared to other types of roofing. There's no need for a professional cashier, just a more skilled DIY. The most important thing is to have a flat floor, which by default is made by concrete or levelling material. Then the insulation is laid, which helps to disturb noises and vibrations, and also transmits pressure from the floor. This layer is free of roofing material without any allocation. This is when you lay the spell in yourself and you are done.