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Here Is What You Need to Understand About ESTA VISA Application

In case you have been looking for a detailed explanation about ESTA visa application, this savvy lead is purely tailored to help you understand this very clearly. Note that before Visa Waiver Program was introduced, travelers wishing to travel to US had to avail themselves physically to the US embassy before they could be allowed to enter the US. If you take a close look at this regular visa application process, you will realize that it was practically tiresome and consumed a lot of time considering that one still had to be interviewed by the staffs of the US embassy office. Presently, the good thing is, it is currently possible to finish this visa application online and after only 72 hours, you will have gotten your visa number. If you look at it keenly, you will realize that ESTA Visa application program happens to be one of the most successful luncheons considering that it has helped visitors enter any part of the USA without any hurdles. Out of this wonderful visa program, numerous visitors are beneficiaries of this program for the last ten years.

One, it is good to know how ESTA Visa for the US can be of great help to you. To understand this, know that 38 countries are part of this Visa Waiver Program and the ones which are allowed to get visas via ESTA. The ESTA visa can be used to go at wherever in the USA, regardless of whether you need to visit to NY, Chicago or California, your visa will be free from travelling limit meaning you can travel anyplace including Hawaii and Alaska. Though a traveler is given a limit stay of 90 consecutive days, the normally valid up to a period of 2 two years since the date of issue. This means that for a period of two full years, you will be free to visit US without going the visa re-application process every time you are touring the USA. It is also good to note that getting ESTA visa is quite easy and very convenient to everyone provided you can access the internet. It is far much better than applying for the USA visa via the traditional channels. Out of this, there is no reason for you to think of using the regular visa application channels which are known to be slow, tedious and tasking when online ESTA visa application approach makes everything easier and faster than ever before for everyone.
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