Month: May 2019


PVC windows

Are you looking for a supplier of quality plastic windows that are manufactured in the Czech Republic or Slovakia and have confirmed the origin of the profiles, so that it does not happen that the profiles originate from Poland or Bulgaria? Try the Certified APEK e-shop, which is on the website In our offer …


Floating floors

Floating floors are nowadays a great phenomenon. It is not surprising, it is a very high quality and affordable floor covering. Whether it chooses a floing floor made of wood or laminate, we can expect a very high quality surface. This roofing material has a huge number of advantages, but also some disadvantages. There must …


Mácha Lake

Holidays in Bohemia can sometimes be more interesting than holidays abroad. Mácha Lake is a place to leave very popular and people widely used. We offer accommodation in four-bedded cabins with a fridge, which is located in Staré Splavy. The chalets are built in a pine forest. Mácha Lake is approximately a 15-minute walk away. …